VSAN considerations when booting from USB/SD

This is a conversation that comes up time and time again. It’s really got to do with the following considerations when booting an ESXi host that is participating in VSAN from an SD/USB device:: What should I do for persisting the vmkernel logs? What should I do about persisting the VSAN trace files? What should I do for capturing core dumps (PSOD)?

Heads Up! HP Smart Array Driver Issue

We’ve seen a spate of incidents recently related to the HP Smart Array Drivers that are shipped as part of ESXi 5.x. Worst case scenario – this is leading to out of memory conditions and a PSOD (Purple Screen of Death) on the ESXi host in some cases. The bug is in the hpsa driver and all Smart Array controllers that use this driver are exposed to this issue. For details on the symptom, check out VMware KB article 2075978. HP have also released a Customer Advisory¬†c04302261 on the issue. This was a tricky one to deal with, as…