Simple test for Docker Swarm functionality with Photon OS

After highlighting how easy it is to run docker swarm in Photon OS, I had a follow on question on how easy it would be to test the functionality. Just to recap, the only additional step you need to get Docker Swarm running on Photon OS was to open port 2377 on the master node. After that, you simply initialize the master, and all the other nodes/VMs are added as swarm workers. You might be wondering if you need to do a bunch of other stuff in iptables for docker, but the answer is no (for this relatively simple test…

Building a Docker Swarm with Photon OS

I’ve decided to take a look at our new vFile docker volume plugin. If you haven’t heard, vFile volume plugin for Docker provides simultaneous persistent volume access between hosts in the same Docker Swarm cluster for the base volume plugin service such as VDVS [vSphere Docker Volume Service], with zero configuration effort, along with high availability, scalability, and load balancing support. As you can see, this has a requirement on Docker Swarm. Since I hadn’t set this up in a while, I decided to set it up on a recent release of Photon OS, but ran into a small issue.