My DockerCon 2017 Day #2

This is day #2 of DockerCon 2017. If you want to read my impressions of DockerCon 2017 Day #1, you can find it here. Today, as well as attending the keynote, some breakout sessions and visiting the expo, I wanted to highlight a couple of VMware announcements that were made in this space yesterday. First of all, we announce the release of vSphere Integrated Containers v1.1. The big-ticket item in VIC 1.1 is that the key items of VIC Engine are now merged into a single OVA appliance for ease of deployment. As well as that, we also released Photon…

My DockerCon 2017 Day #1

This is my very first DockerCon. It is also the first time that I’ve attended a conference purely as an attendee, and not have some responsibilities around breakout sessions, or customer meetings. Obviously I have an interest in much of the infrastructure side of things, so that is where I focused. This post is just some random musings about my first day at DockerCon17, and some things that I found interesting. I hope you do too.