Revisiting persistent storage with vSphere Integrated Containers

I’ve been getting back into doing a bit of testing with vSphere Integrated Containers 1.1 (VIC for short) in my lab. One of the things that I am very interested in revisiting is how to do persistence of data with VIC and “Containers as VMs”. I did some work on this in the past, but a lot has changed since I last looked at it (which was VIC v0.4.0). In this post, we’ll download a nginx web server image and start it up. We’ll look at how you can make changes to the web server while it is running, but…

Container Volumes in VIC v0.4.0

I mentioned yesterday that VMware made vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) v0.4.0 available. Included in this version is support for container volumes. Now, as mentioned yesterday, VIC is still a work in progress, and not everything has yet been implemented. In this post I want to step you through some of the enhancements that we have made around docker volume support in VIC. This will hopefully provide you with enough information so that you can try this out for yourself.