Catch me at Cisco Live EMEA 2017 – Berlin

Later on this month, I will be attending my first Cisco Live event. This year, it is taking place in Berlin, Germany. As part of the event, I have the opportunity to deliver a 20 minute presentation on vSAN. The session is titled “Architectural Overview of HCI powered by VMware”. Many of you will already be aware that vSAN is currently VMware’s fastest growing product. In this session, I will give an architectural overview of vSAN. The hope is to teach some of the basic principles behind vSAN, as well as many of its features. I will also talk about…

News-Flash (A few flash related updates)

Hey all, its been a while since I put out anything that was non-VMware related. Actually, looking back, it was during the run up to VMworld. Well, this time of year is usually busy for us at VMware, especially with the vSphere 2013 (5.5) announcement and subsequent release and Virtual SAN going into beta. There have been a few things happening in the flash world over recent weeks so lets recap on some of those.