VMworld 2018 vSAN Roundup – Monday, Aug 27th

VMworld is now officially underway, and as usual, day 1 is full of new announcements. vSAN is no exception. There have been announcements around the next release of vSAN (6.7U1), specific vSAN improvements to VMware Cloud on AWS, a Cloudera Hadoop validation on vSAN and a beta announcements. Since we’ve had quite a number of announcements,  I though I would try to capture them all in one place.

VSAN 6.next beta – A glimpse of the future

Before Virtual SAN was generally available last year, the preceding VSAN beta program was one of the largest beta programs ever to take place at VMware. Today, a new beta program for VSAN was announced for 2015! This week, we’ve already announced a bunch of enhancements in VSAN 6.1 at VMworld 2015, including VSAN stretched cluster for high availability across data centers, a new 2-node VSAN model for remote-office/branch-office (ROBO), new hardware support for Intel NVMe and Diablo Ultra DIMM, and the additional features added to the health check plugin. You can read more about these announcements here. VMware has…