Workflow issues when vCenter instance not correctly added to vRO

As part of my preparation work for VMworld 2018, I was looking into how one might be able to automate the deployment of VMs from vRealize Automation 7.4 with an appropriate policy for consuming the under-lying storage. In my case, this underlying storage was vSAN 6.7 (and vSphere 6.7), so I wanted to be able to select a vSAN policy for my VM Home namespace and disks. Fortunately, there is a vRealize Orchestration (vRO) plugin to do just that called the vRA SPBM Integration plugin. But, once I had this plugin installed, and followed the instructions, I hit a snag.…

Some weird VCO client login messages

I’ve recently been looking at VCO, our VMware vCenter Orchestrator product, more from a High Availability and Disaster Recovery point of view rather than a usability perspective. I admit I have little or no orchestration skills whatsoever, but there are plenty of other blogs and educational web sites out there to help you get started with VCO. Anyhow, whilst getting the product up and running, I hit a couple of snags that I thought would be interesting to share.