VSAN with Horizon View Interop

It should come as no surprise but VMware Horizon View is also supported on VSAN. VMware released Horizon View version 5.3.1 to coincide with the vSphere 5.5.U1 and VSAN release. This release allows desktops to be successfully deployed on a VSAN datastore, using default policies for the desktop storage objects. Let’s go through the steps to get this configured and running, and then we can talk about the default policy settings afterwards.

VAAI-NAS – Some snapshot chains are deeper than others

This is something that was recently brought to my attention, and I wasn’t aware of this difference in behavior between the various storage vendors who implement VAAI-NAS. VAAI-NAS implements a number of different offload primitives, but the one we are interested in here is the Fast File Clone primitive which is the ability to offload the creation of snapshots/clones to the NAS storage array. This mechanism is also referred to as Native Snapshots. However, some arrays cannot support a full chain of snapshots.

A closer look at GreenBytes

Followers of my blog will have seen a number of articles posted recently about storage vendors that I managed to catch up with at this year’s VMware Partner Exchange in Las Vegas. In the last in this series of articles, I managed to spend some time with the folks from GreenBytes. The timing was very opportune, as GreenBytes just made a major announcement to their portfolio, namely their new vIO, the virtual storage appliance version of their IO Offload Engine solution for desktop virtualization. I met up with Michael Robinson (VP, Marketing), Jeff Eberhard (Sr. Systems Engineer) and Steve O’Donnell…

VMware Horizon View 5.2 – Storage Enhancements

Last week saw VMware release the latest version of VMware View, VMware Horizon View 5.2. While there are a whole bunch of enhancements in this release, I wanted to focus on a few enhancements that are specifically storage related. I’ve covered some of these in the past from a vSphere perspective, but now we have a new release of View which can take advantage of these features.