Heads Up! VAAI UNMAP issues on EMC VMAX

We just got notification about a potential issue with the VAAI UNMAP primitive when used on EMC VMAX storage systems with Enginuity version 5876.159.102 or later. It seems that during an ESXi reboot, or during a device ATTACH operation, the ESXi may report corruption. The following is an overview of the details found in EMC KB 184320. Other symptoms include vCenter operations on virtual machines fail to complete and the following errors might be found in the VMkernel logs: WARNING: Res3: 6131: Invalid clusterNum: expected 2624, read 0 [type 1] Invalid totalResources 0 (cluster 0).[type 1] Invalid ¬† nextFreeIdx 0…

A closer look at Bull Storage Solutions

I thought it was about time that I looked at some of the larger storage vendors closer to home. One of these is of course Bull. This company is probably more familiar to those of us based in Europe rather than those of you based in the Americas or Asia Pacific. However VMware customers in EMEA will have seen them in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Europe, where they have a reasonably large presence. After some conversation with my good pal Didier Pironet, whom I’ve met at a couple of recent VMUGs, I was introduced to Philippe Reynier who is…

VAAI-NAS – Some snapshot chains are deeper than others

This is something that was recently brought to my attention, and I wasn’t aware of this difference in behavior between the various storage vendors who implement VAAI-NAS. VAAI-NAS implements a number of different offload primitives, but the one we are interested in here is the Fast File Clone primitive which is the ability to offload the creation of snapshots/clones to the NAS storage array. This mechanism is also referred to as Native Snapshots. However, some arrays cannot support a full chain of snapshots.

Tintri 2.0 – Per VM Replication Feature

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Brady Murray and Rex Walters of Tintri. Mostly this was a transfer of information, but the guys let me know that they are on the verge of announcing a new per-VM replication feature which they first demoed to me when I met Tintri at VMworld last year. This will be the main feature in Tintri’s new 2.0 launch.

What are Dependent, Independent Disks & Persistent and Non-persisent Modes?

I had a query about this recently, and actually it is a topic that I have not looked at for some time. Those of you configuring virtual machine disks may have seen references to these different configuration options and may have wondered how they affect the behavior of the virtual machine. Read on to find out the subtleties between Independent Persistent Mode and Independent Non-persistent Mode disks, and what impact they may have.

An Introduction to Coraid

Another session that I attended during the UK National VMUG earlier this month was an overview of Coraid Technology from Max Brown, one of Coraid’s System Engineers based in the UK. My first introduction to Coraid was at VMworld 2011 & I did a short overview of their AoE (ATA over Ethernet) solution here. I wanted to get along to this session to see what had changed since then. In a nutshell, Coraid present SAN storage as local storage via AoE. How do they do that? Well, Coraid provide the HBA, the AoE initiator software¬† (which must be installed on…

Tech Preview of EMC’s XtremIO Flash Storage Solution

There is no doubt that Flash is hot right now. Over the past number of months, we have seen IBM acquire Texas Memory Systems (TMS), HDS unveil their own flash strategy and HP launch their all flash 3PAR P1000 array. Of course regular readers of my blog will have seen my posts about newer all flash array vendors such as Pure Storage, Violin Memory & Nimbus Data. The purpose of this post is to highlight XtremIO’s flash storage solution which was recently acquired by EMC.