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  1. HI Corman , What are the changes need to be done on Storage , so that it can support Vvols . (Capable of integration with VASA 2.0).?

    Thanks And Regards,

  2. Hi Cormac,

    Thanks for your Immediate reply.
    Actually we are doing a POC for our storage array to support VVOLs. We are very new to storage domain. I will be thankful for you,
    If you can tell the requirement from an storage administrator point of view. what are the basic requirements for supporting VVOLs for our storage array?
    Apart from the this what are the basic steps required for this?

    Thanks In Advance.

    Thansk & Regards,

  3. Cormag, is it possible that vVOL replication can be done between storage of different vendors, which both support VASA 3.0 replication?

    1. So I asked one of our VVol guys. The response was that, as far as replication, VVols offloads the replication to the array, so in the case of NetApp, a SnapMirror would be initiated, which does not replicate to other vendors.

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