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Next steps with NSX-T Edge – Routing and BGP

If you’ve been following along on my NSX-T adventures, you’ll be aware that at this point we have our overlay network deployed, and our NSX-T edge has been setup to with DHCP servers attached to my logical switch, which in turn provides IP addresses to my virtual machines. This is all fine and well, but I’d […]

Kubernetes Networking

Building a simple ESXi host overlay network with NSX-T

I’ve recently begun to look at NSX-T. My long-term goal is to use it to enable me to build multiple Kubernetes clusters used PKS, the Pivotal Container Service. The hope is then to look at some cool storage related items with Kubernetes. But first things first. Kudos to both Sam McGeown and William Lam for […]

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Validating overlay network when docker swarm running on Centos VMs on vSphere

I got a chance to revisit my docker swarm deployment this week after a bit of a break. I was a little curious about my setup because when I spoke to some of our ‘Project Hatchway‘ engineers, I was told that I should be able to launch a single instance of Nginx in Docker Swarm […]