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vSphere 7.0, Cloud Native Storage, CSI and encryption support

A common request we’ve had for the vSphere CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver is to support encryption of Kubernetes Persistent Volumes using the vSphere feature called VMcrypt. Although we’ve had VM encryption since vSphere 6.5, this was a feature that we could not support in the first version of the CSI driver that we shipped […]

Cloud Native Storage First Class Disk VMware vSphere VVols

vSphere 7.0, Cloud Native Storage, CSI and vVols support

With the release of vSphere 7.0, we also announced enhancements to our Cloud Native Storage (CNS) offering. One of the new features that we now offer in vSphere 7.0 is the ability to provision Virtual Volumes (vVols) to back Kubernetes Persistent Volumes (PVs) via our updated version of the vSphere Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver. […]

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Deploying vSphere with Kubernetes via VCF 4.0 SDDC Manager (Video)

In this post, I am going to share another short video that I made which highlights the main steps involved when deploying vSphere with Kubernetes from VCF 4.0 SDDC Manager. You can find the complete steps here in this previous post which shows how to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes in a Workload Domain. The video […]

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Deploying flannel, vSphere CPI and vSphere CSI with later versions of Kubernetes

I recently wanted to deploy a newer versions of Kubernetes to see it working with our Cloud Native Storage (CNS) feature. Having assisted with the original landing pages for CPI and CSI, I’d done this a few times in the past. However, the deployment tutorial that we used back then was based on Kubernetes version […]

Cloud Native Storage Container Storage Interface Kubernetes

vtopology – Insights into vSphere infrastructure from kubectl

As I got more and more familiar with running Kubernetes on top of vSphere, I came to the realization that it might be useful to be able to query the vSphere Infrastructure from Kubernetes, particularly via kubectl. For example, I might like to know some of the details about the master nodes and worker nodes […]

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Using Host Groups with Availability Zones (AZs) in Enterprise PKS

After being asked about how vSphere Host Groups worked with Availability Zones in Enterprise PKS earlier this week, I decided to spend a little time setting it up in my lab and doing some testing to make sure I could understand the feature and its behaviour. Essentially what this feature allows you to do is […]

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Tanzu Mission Control – VMworld 2019 Updates

After spending some time watching, digesting and then writing about Project Pacific Deep Dive updates from VMworld 2019, the next item on my to-do list was to get up to speed on VMware Tanzu, or to be more specific, Tanzu Mission Control. The reason I am being more specific is that VMware Tanzu is a […]