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Getting started with VCF Part 9 – PKS deployment

We are nearing the end of our journey with Getting Started with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). In this post, we will go through the deployment of Enterprise PKS v1.5 on a Workload Domain created in VCF v3.9. We’ve been through a number of steps to get to this point, all of which can be found […]

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Getting started with VCF Part 8 – PKS Certificates

I decided to dedicate a post to taking care of the Enterprise PKS prerequisites when deploying on VMware Cloud Foundation, namely the creation of the various certificates needed for trusted communication between the Enterprise PKS components (Operations Manager, BOSH, PKS and Harbor) and the rest of the environment. Unfortunately, the official VCF 3.9 documentation is […]

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Pivotal and Harbor – x509 certificate issues

After deploying and configuring the Harbor tile in Pivotal Ops Manager, I ran into a couple of issues with certificates. The first was encountered when I was  trying to login to harbor from an Ubuntu VM where I was running all of my PKS and BOSH commands. It was also the VM where I pulled […]

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x509 error logging into harbor registry via VIC VCH

In my last post, I showed some of the new command line functionality associated with deploying out a new Virtual Container Host (VCH) with vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC). I also highlighted how VIC now includes both Admiral for container orchestration via templates and the harbor registry is used for storing docker images. Harbor hosts docker […]

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Common VSAN health check issues and resolutions

A number of customers have experienced some issues with getting the Virtual SAN (VSAN) health check to work correctly in their environments. The most common issues have been permissions and certificates. In this post, I want to highlight these issues and any associated KB articles, and call out the symptom as well as the resolution.