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NSX-T Edge T0 Router: Static Route + SNAT instead of BGP

If you been following my adventures of deploying Enterprise PKS 1.5 on VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 3.9, you will be aware that I spent a considerable amount of time establishing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering between my NSX-T Edge T0 Logical Router and my physical Upstream Router as documented in this post. This allows them […]

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Getting started with VCF Part 7 – NSX-T Edge

I think now is a good time to take a recap on what we have built so far with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). We’ve done a number of activities to date, notably the deployment of the management domain in part 1. Then we spend some time deploying the vRealize Suite of products in parts 2, […]

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Next steps with NSX-T Edge – Routing and BGP

If you’ve been following along on my NSX-T adventures, you’ll be aware that at this point we have our overlay network deployed, and our NSX-T edge has been setup to with DHCP servers attached to my logical switch, which in turn provides IP addresses to my virtual machines. This is all fine and well, but I’d […]