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A first look at vSphere VM Service

In this post, we will take a look at a brand new service that is now available in vSphere with Tanzu, called the vSphere VM Service. This new services enables developers to create virtual machines on vSphere Infrastructure via Kubernetes YAML manifests, just like they would create Tanzu Kubernetes clusters via the TKG service, or […]

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CSI Topology – Configuration How-To

In this post, we will look at another feature of the vSphere CSI driver that enables the placement of Kubernetes objects on different vSphere environments using a combination of vSphere Tags and a feature of the CSI driver called topology or failure domains. To achieve this, some additional entries must be added to the vSphere […]


16 years – A Reflection

This week, I celebrate 16 years at VMware. It’s quite a milestone for me and the longest I have been with any company throughout my 32 year career. I thought I’d take a break from the technical posts and try to write something about how my career at VMware developed over the years, what were […]

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vSphere CSI v2.2 – Online Volume Expansion

The vSphere CSI driver version 2.2 has just released. One of the features I was looking forward to in this release is the inclusion of Online Volume Expansion. While volume expansion was in earlier releases, it was always an offline operation. In other words, you have to detach the volume from the pod, grow it, […]

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vSAN & Tag placement storage policy rules [Video]

Last week, I wrote an article which described how to use a combination of vSAN Availability Rules with Tag Based Placement Rules in vSAN Storage Policies to select one specific vSAN datastore for object placement when many vSAN datastores might appear as compatible candidates. I create this short 3m30s video to show how to do […]

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AND and OR Rules in Storage Policies

I was recently working in an environment where my vCenter server was managing two vSAN clusters, each with its own datastore. I wanted to be able to choose which datastore to provision to via storage policy, but came across some unexpected behaviour. When I configured my vSAN Rule and my Tag Rule, it seems that […]

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Task “Delete a virtual storage object” reports “A specified parameter was not correct”

I’ve recently been looking at the vSphere Velero Plugin, and how the latest version of the plugin enables administrators to backup and restore vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor cluster objects as well as Tanzu Kubernetes “guest” cluster objects. This plugin utilizes vSphere snapshot technology, so that a Kubernetes Persistent Volume (PV) backed by a First Class […]