vCenter Server Appliance and vSphere Data Protection Interop

In this next test of vSphere Data Protection (VDP) interoperability, I wanted to see if a restored vCenter Server appliance would still be able to work with [...]

Network Virtualization (NSX) and vSphere Data Protection Interop

In this third article in the series of backing up the vCloud Suite, we turn our attentions to NSX, VMware's Network Virtualization product. Before starting, I [...]

vCloud Automation Center and vSphere Data Protection Interop

This post is a follow on to a previous post I did on vCops and VDP interop. In this scenario, I am going to try to use vSphere Data Protection (VDP), which is [...]

vCenter Operations Manager and vSphere Data Protection Interop

I am currently involved in a project that looks at how we can back up and restore various components of the VMware vCloud Suite. One of these components is [...]

VSAN & VDP Interop

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Where to look when troubleshooting VDPA backup issues

I had the pleasure (?) recently of troubleshooting some backup issues on my vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDPA) setup. To be honest, I had not spent a [...]

vSOM and VDPA Releases

In case you missed it, VMware released two interesting additions to the product portfolio last week. vSOM - vSphere with Operations Manager It became [...]