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A closer look at VMware’s latest Cloud Launch

Today VMware has another cloud launch update, and this one is significant for many reasons. Our underlying goals of VMware Cloud are many. From an infrastructure perspective, the goal is to provide operational consistency no matter where the application is running, whether this is from an automation, security or governance perspective. But one thing that […]

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What’s new in vSAN 6.6?

vSAN 6.6 is finally here. This sixth iteration of vSAN is the quite a significant release for many reasons, as you will read about shortly. In my opinion, this may be the vSAN release with the most amount of new features. Let’s cut straight to the chase and highlight all the features of this next […]

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vSphere 6.0 Update 3 – Important Update for vSAN

ESXi 6.0 Update 3 is now available. This update is significant for vSAN customers as there are a number of performance related issues addressed. The KB article detailing vSAN performance improvements can be found here, and the ESXi 6.0 U3 release notes can be found here. I wouldn’t necessarily write a blog post to highlight […]

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Essential Virtual SAN (6.2) available for pre-order

Our friends over at Pearson and VMware Press have informed us that the second edition of the Essential Virtual SAN book (that I wrote with Duncan Epping) is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It looks like it will be available on June 13th, but VMware Press have told us that they will do what […]

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VSAN 6.2 Part 8 – Upgrading VSAN Stretched Cluster from 6.1 to 6.2

This is an exercise that we ran through in our lab environment, and we thought that the steps would be useful to share here. By way of introduction, our 4 node cluster is split into a 2+2+1 configuration, where there are 2 ESXi hosts on site A (VLAN 4), 2 ESXi hosts on site B […]

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VSAN 6.2 Part 2 – RAID-5 and RAID-6 configurations

Those of you familiar with VSAN will be aware that when it comes to virtual machine deployments, historically, objects on the VSAN datastore were deployed either as a RAID-0 (stripe) or a RAID-1 (mirror) or a combination of both. From a capacity perspective, this was quite an overhead. For instance, if I wanted my VM […]

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VSAN 6.2 Part 1 – Deduplication and Compression

Now that VSAN 6.2 is officially launched, it is time to start discussing some of the new features that we have introduced into our latest version of Virtual SAN. Possibly one of the most eagerly anticipated feature is the introduction of deduplication and compression, two space efficiency techniques that will reduce the overall storage consumption […]