What’s in the vSphere and vSAN 6.7 release?

Today VMware unveils vSphere version 6.7, which also includes a new version of vSAN. In this post, I am going to highlight some of the big-ticket items that [...]

VMworld 2017 Session on vSphere 6.5 Core Storage now on YouTube

A quick note to let you know that the session that I delivered on day 1 of VMworld 2017 is now available on YouTube. The session is entitled "A Deep Dive into [...]

vSphere 6.0 Storage Features Part 3: MSCS Improvements

OK - not storage improvements per-se, but I got into the habit of documenting our Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) improvements some time back, and habits [...]

vSphere 5.5, RDMs and Microsoft Clustering

I was having a conversation with one of our tech support guys (Greg Williams) recently about the relaxation on the requirement to allow Raw Device Mappings [...]

vSphere 5.5 Storage Enhancement Part 7 – LUN ID/RDM Restriction Lifted

About a year ago I wrote an article stating that Raw Device Mappings (RDM) continued to rely on LUN IDs, and that if you wished to successfully vMotion a [...]

vSphere 5.5 Storage Enhancements Part 3: MSCS Updates

A number of new enhancements around Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) have been introduced in vSphere 5.5. I wanted to cover those in this post as I know [...]

vSphere 5.5 Storage Enhancements Part 1: 62TB VMDK

Regular readers will know that I've spent a lot of time recently posting around VSAN. But VSAN wasn't the only announcement at VMworld 2013. We also announced [...]