Deploy Kubernetes on Photon Platform 1.2 and VSAN

To complete my series of posts on Photon Platform version 1.2, my next step is to deploy Kubernetes (version 1.6) and use my vSAN datastore as the storage destination. The previous posts covered the new Photon Platform v1.2 deployment model, and I also covered how to setup vSAN and make the datastore available to the cloud hosts in Photon Platform v1.2. This final step will use the photon controller CLI (mostly) for creating the tenant, project,  image, and all the other steps that are required for deploying K8S on vSAN via PPv1.2. I’m very much going to include a warts-n-all…

Photon Platform revisited – checking out v1.2

Its been a while since I had a chance to look at our Photon Platform product. Version 1.2 launched last month, with a bunch of new features. You can read about those here. I really just wanted to have a look at what changed from a deployment perspective. I’d heard that the whole process has now become more stream-lined, with the Photon Installer OVA being able to deploy the Photon Controller(s), push the necessary agents to the ESXi hosts, deploy the Lightwave authentication appliance as well as the load-balancer appliance that sits in front of the Photon Controllers. And all…

Storage Challenges with Cloud Native Apps [video]

Thanks to my friends over at VMUG Italia, my recorded presentation on Storage Challenges with Cloud Native Apps is now available. This was delivered at the VMUG UserCon event held in Milan, Italy, and which took place on November 15th. In this session I go through various container related projects that are underway at VMware (docker volume driver, vSphere Integrated Containers, Admiral, Harbor and Photon Platform), as well as how we are providing persistent storage for containers deployed on these products. Hope you enjoy it.

Deploy Kubernetes manually on Photon Controller v1.1 and vSAN

I mentioned in a previous post that we have recently released Photon Controller version 1.1, and one of the major enhancements was the inclusion of support for vSAN. I wrote about the steps to do this in the previous post, but now I want to show you how to utilize vSAN storage for the orchestration frameworks (e.g. Kubernetes) that you deploy on top of Photon Controller. In other words, I am going to describe the steps that need to be taken in order for these Kubernetes VMs (master, etcd, workers) to be able to consume the vsanDatastore that is now…

Error code “NetworkNotFound” on Photon Controller 1.0

I mentioned yesterday that Photon Controller version 1.0 is now available. I rolled it out yesterday, and just like I did with previous versions, I started to deploy some frameworks on top. My first task was to put a Mesos framework on top on Photon Controller. I’d done this many times before, and was able to successfully roll out this same framework with the exact same settings on Photon Controller v0.9. But yesterday I hit the following error when creating my cluster:

VMware Cloud Native App Projects – courtesy of vBrownBag

Earlier last month, I was invited onto the #vBrownBag podcast to give an overview of my experiences with the various ongoing VMware Cloud Native App (CNA) projects. I had a great chat with Gregg Robertson, and demonstrated a number of things that we are working on. I noticed this morning that the recording is now live, so if you are interested in some of the things we are doing in the CNA space, I’d recommend taking a look. I’ve embedded the video here:

Upcoming #vBrownBag EMEA Appearance – July 26th at 7pm BST

As my take-3 tenure in the VMware Cloud Native Apps (CNA) team draws to a close, the guys over at #vBrownBag have kindly invited me to come on their show and talk about the various VMware project and initiatives that I have been lucky enough to be involved with. All going well, I hope to be able to demonstrate the Docker Volume Driver for vSphere, some overview of Photon Controller CLI and Photon Platform with Docker Swarm, and maybe Kubernetes as well as some vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC). If you are interested, you can register here. I’d be delighted if…