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TKG & vSAN File Service for RWX (Read-Write-Many) Volumes

A common question I get in relation to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid  (TKG) is whether or not it supports vSAN File Service, and specifically the read-write-many (RWX) feature for container volumes. To address this question, we need to make a distinction into how TKG is being provisioned. There is the multi-cloud version of TKG, which […]

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A closer look at Antrea, the new CNI for vSphere with Tanzu guest clusters

I’ve spent quite a bit of time highlighting many of the new features of vSphere with Tanzu in earlier blog posts. In those posts, we saw how vSphere with Tanzu could be used to provision Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) guest clusters to provide a native, upstream-like, VMware supported Kubernetes. In this post, I want to […]

Cloud Native Applications Tanzu Kubernetes VMware vSphere vSphere with Tanzu

Creating developer users and namespaces (scripted) in TKG “Guest” Clusters

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on creating and building out vSphere with Tanzu environment, with the goal of deploying a Tanzu Kubernetes “guest” cluster. I frequently used the kubectl-vsphere command to logout of the Supervisor namespace context and login to the Guest cluster context. This allowed me to start deploying stateful and stateful […]

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Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #174: vSphere with Tanzu

I’m sure most readers are now aware that we now have 2 versions of what was initially called “Project Pacific” at VMworld 2019. Our initial release with vSphere 7.0 (vSphere with Kubernetes) was only available with VCF & NSX-T. However, with the release of vSphere 7.0U1, whilst we continue to have VCF with Tanzu, there […]

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Deploying Tanzu Kubernetes “guest” cluster in vSphere with Tanzu

In this final installment of my “vSphere with Tanzu” posts, we are going to look at how to create our very first Tanzu Kubernetes (TKG) guest cluster. In previous posts, we have compared vSphere with Tanzu to VCF with Tanzu, and covered the prerequisites. Then we looked at the steps involved in deploying the HA-Proxy […]

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Failed to deploy PV to local volume – “No compatible datastore found for storagePolicy”

This is something that I “spun my wheels” on a little bit last week, so I decided I’d write a short article to explain the issue in a bit more detail. This is related to the provisioning of a Persistent Volume on the Supervisor cluster of a vSphere with Kubernetes deployment. I had a local […]

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Helm Chart for vSphere CSI driver

After recently presenting on the topic of the vSphere CSI driver, I received feedback from a number of different people that the current install mechanism is a little long-winder and prone to error. The request was for a Helm Chart to make things a little easier. I spoke to a few people about this internally, […]