VM Storage Policies VMware VSAN vSphere

AND and OR Rules in Storage Policies

I was recently working in an environment where my vCenter server was managing two vSAN clusters, each with its own datastore. I wanted to be able to choose which datastore to provision to via storage policy, but came across some unexpected behaviour. When I configured my vSAN Rule and my Tag Rule, it seems that […]

Container Storage Interface Snapshots Tanzu Kubernetes VMware vSphere vSphere with Kubernetes

Task “Delete a virtual storage object” reports “A specified parameter was not correct”

I’ve recently been looking at the vSphere Velero Plugin, and how the latest version of the plugin enables administrators to backup and restore vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor cluster objects as well as Tanzu Kubernetes “guest” cluster objects. This plugin utilizes vSphere snapshot technology, so that a Kubernetes Persistent Volume (PV) backed by a First Class […]

VMware VSAN vSphere

vSAN 7.0 U2 – What’s new?

I know that there has been a lot of content already written in relation to the latest 7.0U2 release of vSAN. My good pal Duncan has done a considerable amount on work to highlight the new features, and has an excellent set of YouTube videos that you can review at your convenience. However, I thought […]

NSX Advanced Load Balancer VMware vSphere with Tanzu

First steps with the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB)

As part of the vSphere 7.0 Update 2 (U2) launch, VMware now provides another Load Balancer option for vSphere with Tanzu. This new Load Balancer, built on Avi Networks technology (and previously known as Avi Vantage), provides another production-ready load balancer option for your vSphere with Tanzu deployments. This Load Balancer, now called the NSX […]

Data Persistence platform VMware VSAN vSphere vSphere with Tanzu

vSAN DPp – MinIO Object Store Supervisor Service [Video]

In this short video, I will demonstrate a new feature of vSphere with Tanzu, namely the vSAN Data Persistence platform. In this demo, we will show how easy it is to deploy a Supervisor Service using vSAN DPp. The service that we are deploying is MinIO, a provider of on-premises S3 Object Stores. We will […]

Project Harbor Tanzu Kubernetes VMware vSphere

Tanzu Kubernetes with embedded Harbor Image Registry (revisited)

Just recently I had reason to have my TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes) guest cluster pull images from the embedded Harbor container image registry which is available as part of vSphere with Tanzu. Now, I did this in the past but there were quite a few hoops that you needed to jump through in order to make […]

Tanzu Kubernetes Velero VMware vSphere vSphere with Kubernetes

Velero vSphere Operator backup/restore TKG “guest” cluster objects in vSphere with Tanzu

Over the past week or so, I have posted a number of blogs on how to get started with the new Velero vSphere Operator. I showed how to deploy the Operator in the Supervisor Cluster of vSphere with Tanzu, and also how to install the Velero and Backupdriver components in the Supervisor. We then went […]