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New book: Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators (coming soon)

Last year, I wrote a post about my 16 years at VMware. As part of that milestone, VMware has kindly granted me 4 weeks of respite. I’m not one for sitting on a beach for hours on end. Apart from some jobs around the house (that I have been putting off for far too long), and some short breaks, I wanted to use this time to finish a long-term project that I have been working on. The project is a new book called Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators. I thought I’d give you all a quick look at the cover and table of contents.

My aim was to create a book that I wish I had 3-4 years ago as I was getting started with this technology. There is a lot of information out there, but much of it assumes a certain degree of familiarity with Kubernetes to begin with. There was also a perception that DevOps is the remit of developers who want to work on infrastructure, and is not really an area for vSphere administrators. I’m hoping this book will very much show that this role is certainly one that a vSphere administrator could (and should) consider. The book starts with a look at containers, moving onto generic Kubernetes constructs before finally focusing on the VMware suite of products related to Tanzu Kubernetes. I mostly focus on the vSphere administrator, but sometimes reference the role of the Platform Operator (DevOps) and where there is some interaction required between the two roles.

I’m currently going through some final proof reading, and I hope to be able to push the publish button very soon. I hope those of you who are coming from a vSphere background and looking to work with Kubernetes find this useful. I will do a follow up post once the book is published and available.

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