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VMworld 2020 – My Top 15 Picks in Storage, Availability, DR and Kubernetes

VMworld 2020 is only a few short weeks away, and since the Content Catalog is now available, I decided to pick some sessions to add to my conference agenda. In the past, I have made similar posts, and these were usually entitled “See you at VMworld”, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen this year. But even though we won’t be able to get together at one location this year, the fact that the event is online and free should mean that there are lots more opportunities for people to get to see what they really want to see. The following tweet from the VMware twitter account has details about where to start building your own VMworld agenda.

The areas that I am most interested in are Storage/Availability, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Kubernetes, and there are lots of sessions on these topics at this year’s VMworld. Of course, we also acquired Datrium recently, and this is going to be the first chance to show off what we are doing in the DR as a Service (DRaaS) space with them.

OK then, let’s get on with my choices. These are in no particular order of preference by the way; they are simply sessions that are of interest to me at this year’s VMworld.

Storage/Availability/DR (specific sessions related to storage and availability)

DRaaS – DR as a Service (specific availability sessions related to the recent Datrium acquisition)

Cross-Over – Storage/Availability with Kubernetes (sessions which cover both topics)

Kubernetes (specific sessions related to Kubernetes)

In the past, I always closed these posts with a message about how I hoped to meet many of you at the conference. This year I’ll close by asking all my readers to stay safe, and hopefully we’ll be able to chat in person again soon. Take care!

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