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Celebrating 20,000 #vSAN Customers – Thank you

Wow – more than 20,000 vSAN customers. What an amazing journey it has been. If you haven’t seen it, vSAN license bookings grew over 50% year-over-year in Q1 with a total customer count growing to over 20,000 ( Now we need to keep the pace and, as Duncan put it, remain the number 1 player in the hyperconverged and hybrid cloud world!

As a sort of thank you to everyone who helped make this happen,  Duncan and I have decided to lower the price of our vSAN Deep Dive book for 1 week. So, until Friday, June 7th, we have lowered the price of the book by ~50%. This means that on the Amazon US store the book will be 20 USD for the paper version, and only 5 USD for the ebook. Go get it!

Click here for the e-book

Click here for the paper copy

Please note that it may take a day for the price change to get to some of the Amazon stores.

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