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Kindle version of Essential Virtual SAN (6.2) is now available!

2 years after the first edition, it’s finally here. The second edition of “Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN)”, the book I co-authored with Duncan Epping, is now available.

The folks over at vmusketeers did a rather nice review of the book here. Feel free to take a look at what they think of the book beforehand if you wish. If you do decide to purchase a copy, we’d love to get your feedback/review on Amazon.

At the moment, it is only the kindle version that is available. The hard copy of the book should be available at the end of this month. [Update] As of June 27th, the paper back version of the book is also available on Amazon. These are the ISBN details if you wish to order it locally.

I hope you enjoy it, and find it useful and informative.


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