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Selecting a particular portgroup for frameworks on Photon Controller

Continuing my education on Photon Controller, I was trying to figure out how I would select a particular VM network (port group) for containers to use when I was deploying a particular framework on top of Photon Controller. Let’s say for instance that I had two VM Networks, one using VLAN 51 and another using VLAN 30. Initially I thought the frameworks would choose the default “VM Network” but quickly realized this was not the case. How then would I select the correct one for my framework?

*** Please note that at the time of writing, Photon Controller is still not GA ***

*** The steps highlighted here may change in the GA version of the product ***

I achieved it via Photon Controller CLI (photon CLI for short), although there may be other ways that I am not yet familiar with. You will need to know the VM network portgroup name before you begin. Below I am creating a network identifier for the portgroup called “VM Network” which is on VLAN 51:

> photon -n network create --name vm-nw --portgroups "VM Network" \
--description "VM Network"

Next, let me create another network identifier, this time on a different port group called “docker” which is on VLAN 30:

> photon -n network create --name con-nw --portgroups "docker" \
--description "Container Network"

Let’s check the networks we created using the following command:

> photon network list
Using target ''
ID                                    Name    State  PortGroups    Descriptions
a87ea8a0-29c9-461f-a963-8142f2523105  vm-nw   READY  [VM Network]  VM Network
df11a972-e62b-479e-b5d1-eb040bac68f8  con-nw  READY  [docker]      Container Network
Total: 2
 Now when it comes to deploying a new cluster framework, for example Kubernetes, you can specify which network you wish to use by including the appropriate ID above. Note that you must include ID, you cannot use the name. If you use the name, the deployment will fail with a ‘network not found’ error:
VmProvisionTaskService failed with error [Task "CREATE_VM": step "RESERVE_RESOURCE" 
failed with error code "NetworkNotFound", message "Network con-nw not found"].

Here is an example of such a command to deploy a Kubernetes cluster framework (note the -w option which specifies the network, and the fact that it requires the ID and not the name):

> photon cluster create -n k8-cluster -k KUBERNETES --container-network \
-w df11a972-e62b-479e-b5d1-eb040bac68f8 --dns --gateway \
--netmask --master-ip --etcd1 -s 1
Using target ''
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