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Heads Up! EMC VNXe & iSCSI issue

Hmm, it seems to be the week that’s in it for storage issues. After publishing the DELL EQL & VMFS issue earlier this week, I have now been given a heads-up on an EMC VNXe & iSCSI issue. The symptoms are ESXi hosts being unable to boot from an iSCSI LUN on the VNXe or ESXi hosts losing connectivity to iSCSI datastores.

This issue only seems to affect dual storage processor (SP) VNXe systems only. The issue does not occur on single SP VNXe systems. EMC has detailed the issue in KB 169041. However you will need a valid EMC account login to access the details. As per the KB:

A hotfix is available from EMC Engineering which can be applied to VNXe Operating Environment version MR4_SP1 ( The hotfix installation requires storage processors to be rebooted one at a time. There may be disruption in services during the failover/failback of services.

 To obtain this hotfix, contact the EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative.

If you have a dual SP VNXe and use iSCSI to present storage to your ESXi hosts, you need to get this hotfix.

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