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Heads Up! VSA 5.1 Upgrade Issues

For those of you who are already using VSA 1.0, and are considering an upgrade to VSA 5.1, the following information will be of interest to you.

First off, read the documentation very carefully. If you do not follow the correct sequence of steps to perform the upgrade, the upgrade can fail. This sequence is called out very clearly in the release notes, but here it is again:

However the biggest concern to bring to your attention is if you upgrade from VSA 1.0 to VSA 5.1 using the scripted installer (aka automated installer). Using VSA Automated Installer for upgrades is not supported and may lead to incorrect configurations or to data loss. The issue manifests itself if you do not have any powered on VMs on the VSA 1.0 datastores.  A workaround is to ensure that you have powered on Virtual Machines before attempting the upgrade. However, it is best not to use the automated installer for upgrades right now. A fix is in the works for this issue, and a new VSA 5.1 release should be available for download very shortly (next few days).

These restrictions are called out very clearly in both the download site and in the release notes. Please read them very carefully before attempting an upgrade.

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