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SimpliVity Announce OmniCube Storage Appliance

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with  Jesse St. Laurent, Product Director at a new storage startup called SimpliVity. SimpliVity finally exited stealth mode today, but has been around since the end of 2009, with development starting in earnest in 2010.

The name of the hardware storage appliance which SimpliVity have just announced is the OmniCube. Having asked Jesse to describe the features of the appliance, he listed the following:

SimpliVity’s OmniCube is powered by Omnistack: the software (SVT in the above diagram) and the PCIe accelerator card. The Omnistack is designed to work with your typical DAS server. One of the other nice features of the appliance is that it is cloud ready – SimpliVity support their Omnistack (without the hardware acceleration) running in a public cloud. At the time of writing, they are only supporting it on Amazon’s EC2, . What this does mean however is that you can have DR to the Cloud pretty much out of the box. The other neat thing is that you can clone and backup across datacenters to any Omnistack instance, and restore from any instance too, including the one based in the cloud.

I put the following questions to Jesse.

It does seems like a very nice solution and I’m looking forward to seeing a live demo at VMworld 2012. SimpliVity are a gold sponsor at VMworld 2012 this year and you will find them at booth 1117.

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