Heads Up! Nutanix NOS v2.6.4 now available

Nutanix NOS 3.0

Nutanix have informed me that they have a new release available – Nutanix OS 2.6.4 (NOS is the new name for the previously named Nutanix Complete Cluster). They are looking for all their customers to proactively move to this new release. Although Nutanix also have NOS 3.0 release on the cards, existing customers will first need to move to version 2.6.4 in order to be in a position to migrate to 3.0. If that is not reason enough, the 2.6.4 release also includes the following new features:

New updates from Nutanix – NOS 3.0 and NX-3000

Nutanix NOS 3.0

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with a very good friend of mine, Ray Hassan, who is now part of the Nutanix team in the UK. Ray took some time out of his very busy schedule to give me an overview of the new Nutanix platform, the NX-3000. He also gave me the low-down on the new Nutanix OS (NOS) 3.0 features. I don’t think Nutanix need much of an introduction these days. Although they are still a relatively young company, they have already made a significant impression in the storage space, and have won many awards for their innovation, including awards from VMware’s very own VMworld.

I too have blogged about Nutanix in the past. Earlier this year, I did a post on their vSphere integration features, including new NFS & VAAI support. I was now curious to see what enhancements they introduced in the NX-3000 series and NOS 3.0 release.

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