[Updated] This blog has been hacked by vS0ciety

Well, not really. This was a bit of fun. Hope none of you took it too seriously. 😛 The whole point of this marketing/viral video was to highlight the #hackathon that is taking place at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona. This is being held on Monday, Oct. 17, at 18:30.  Check out this link to a blog by Alan Renouf for more info on the #hackathon. You can also watch the video for more details. Can you figure out who is behind the mask? Clue: he enjoys dressing up in costumes. Enjoy!

Photon Controller v1.0 is available

PHOTON_square140Photon Controller version 1.0 was released very recently. Ryan Kelly provides a good overview of what has changed in the UI from previous releases in his blog post here. I got a chance to deploy out the new version just recently, and took a look at a few things which have changed from a deployment perspective. As Ryan states in his blog, the deployment UI is still very much the same. However, under the covers, things are a little different.

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Docker Volume Driver for vSphere using policies on VSAN (short video)

This is a short demo (< 5 minutes) which highlights how one can use storage policies to manage the creation of a docker volume when that volume is being deployed on Virtual SAN. This does not cover the installation of the components required, as these have been covered here and there is another short video covering those steps here. Also, my good buddy William Lam has great step by step instructions on how to use VSAN policies for container volumes in his blog post here. This video just takes a very quick look at how the docker volume driver for vSphere can leverage policy settings when creating a volume on VSAN.

Nginx running on VIC (short video)

I put together this short vSphere Integrated Containers v0.6.0 video (~4 minutes) showing how you can deploy a container running a web server, in this case Nginx, and have its ports mapped back to the Container Host (VCH), allowing you to access the web server from the VCH. This is to coincide with a blog that I posted earlier on the same topic. Check that out for additional details.

If you’d like to try out VIC v0.6.0, you can get it on github, or download the binaries from bintray. You can also get the latest documentation here. If you want more direction, and want to help shape the future of vSphere Integrated Containers, sign up for the beta here.

Nice simple demo – Nginx running on VIC

vicIt’s been a number of weeks since I last looked at vSphere Integrated Containers. When I last looked at v0.4.0, one of the issues had been with port mapping not working. This was a bit of a drag, as in the case of web servers running in containers, you’d definitely want this to function. One of the most common container demos is to show Nginx web server running in a container, and port mapping back to the container host, so that you could point to the IP of the container host, and connect to the web server. I recently got access to v0.6.0, which has a whole bunch of improvements, and it also has working port mapping. So to demonstrate this, I thought I’d show off Nginx running in VIC.

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VSAN Roadshow – South Africa – October 2016

rsaA short post to let you know that I will be participating in a VSAN Roadshow event in South Africa next month. If you are in the Johannesburg or Cape Town area on October 25th and 27th respectively, and want to learn more about VMware’s Virtual SAN, you should definitely come along. I have lots to talk about, and hopefully some cool new VSAN updates from VMworld EMEA. I will also be providing an update on the various VMware projects in the Cloud Native Apps space (e.g. Photon Platform, vSphere Integrated Containers), especially around container persistence, so this may also be of interest as new use cases for Virtual SAN. The location and the agenda is as follows, with the actual registration further down the post.

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See you at VMworld Barcelona [Updated]

fira-gran-viaWith less than a month to go, I thought I’d let you know about what I’m up to at VMworld in Barcelona once more this year. Once again, the show is on at the Fira Gran Via, where it has been held since 2012. This makes it the fifth year in a row that the event has been held here. Anyway, on with what I’ll be doing.

paudie-luckycharmsMy session this year will be Virtual SAN day #2 operations. In this session, my good pal Paudie O’Riordan (that handsome guy in the picture on the left – his words, not mine) and I will cover items like monitoring, alerting, upgrades, troubleshooting, and remediation of VSAN, and all those other things that you need to care about when you have VSAN in production. Yes, I know you can watch the recording from the US VMworld session, but it’s not the same, is it? 🙂 I also promise to keep Paudie off of the lucky charms this time. And we might even have some freebies to hand-out. Oooh!

[Update] I’ve just found out that I have been allocated 3 x “Meet the Expert” slots. These are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm – 1pm. If you want to discuss anything storage related, or wish to provide feedback on any of our storage products or features, please come along to the “Meet the Experts” area and book some time with me. I’d be delighted to chat with you.

One last item that I do want to mention is the VMware{Code} hackathon. It promises to be great fun, and was a great success at VMworld in the US. This is being held in Barcelona on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, at 18:30. I’m not sure where it is being held yet, but you can sign up on the previous link. Check out this link to a blog by Alan Renouf for more info on the hackathon. Sure to be good!