Heads Up! VSA & Quad Port NIC Support

There was a recent discussion on the forums around the supportability of quad port NICs when deploying the vSphere Storage Appliance. There is an error thrown by the installer when the ESXi host only has a quad port NIC. The error states that the VSA installer ‘Failed to configure network on host’ because it ‘Could not find 2 NICs on the system’. However there is a workaround to allow VSA to install when the ESXi host(s) only contain a single quad port NIC. This is only available on VSA 5.1.x.

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Heads Up! VSA Manager 5.1.x – Install Error 2896: Executing action failed

I was asked recently to provide some assistance with a VSA installation problem. The issue which this person experienced is described in the release notes for VSA 5.1.1 .

VSA 5.1.1 installation fails with the Error 2896: Executing action failed message
This problem might occur when the location of the temp drive is set to a drive other than C:, where VSA Manager is to be installed.
Workaround: Make sure that the user and system TEMP and TMP variables point to a specified location on the C: drive.

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VSA Cluster Service Considerations

Some changes have been made to the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) Cluster Service in version 5.1. Previously, the VSA Cluster Service was installed on the vCenter Server – there was no way to decouple it. However in VSA 5.1, the VSA Cluster Service is a stand-alone entity. It can still be deployed on the vCenter server, but it can also be deployed outside of it.

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